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Top 3 Quick Ways to Clean Your Windows in No Time

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11:00 AM

It's only natural to wish for sparkling clean windows so you can enjoy more sunlight and the outside world view. But it can be tricky to select the best way to clean your windows quickly and easily while avoiding concerns like scratching and streaking.


Invite the brightness back into your home with these top three ways to clean your windows in no time.


#1. Use a Magnetic Window Cleaner

A magnetic window cleaner is a quick and effective way of cleaning your windows in no time. It is a plastic tool that includes two magnetic parts that can stick together from both sides of the window, allowing you to clean the windows from the inside and outside simultaneously. For safety purposes, most magnetic window cleaners have a string (with a length up to six meters) for safe and effective window cleaning.


You can find magnetic window cleaners in different sizes depending upon the window size you want to clean. A smaller magnetic window cleaner is great for cleaning smaller windows with single, thin glazed window glass. For thick double-glazed windows, you should go for a medium-sized magnetic window cleaner that can clean your windows in no time.


#2. Rely on Your Mop

While it might come as a surprise to most people but your standard mop can quickly turn into a great window cleaning device that can clean your windows in no time. However, apart from your mop, you will need a microfiber cloth, a window cleaning solution, and some old newspaper to give a streak-free shine to your windows.


Simply wrap the microfiber cloth around your standard mop and spray the window cleaner onto the glass before wiping it down and drying it with a newspaper. Your standard mop can support you in cleaning parts of your window where your hands can't reach, and you can enjoy the streak-free shine on your windows.


#3. Invest in a Window Cleaner Kit

Next on the list of top quick ways to clean your windows in no time is a window cleaner kit comprising a squeegee and circular sponge with cleaning clothes. Using a window cleaner kit gives you the best results on sliding windows, but it can be equally effective on any other window type with a straight surface. Using a window cleaner kit with a squeegee is one of the best and quickest ways to give your windows a streak-free shine.


Final Words

Cleaning your windows can be a hassle for many homeowners but not when you know the quick ways to clean your window. Try out some of these ways and give a streak-free shine to your window glass, but if your home windows need repair and replacement, do not try out DIY techniques and get in touch with professionals at Evergreen Windows and get a new perspective of the world around you.