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Double Glazed Windows Sydney & Replacement Windows


The Purpose of glazing is to allow for optimal level of natural light, and should prevent bi-directional heat transfer between the inside and outside. The focus of glazing in the winter is to prevent heat from leaving the houshold whereas in summer heat is kept ouside the houshold. 


Double glazing, keep the energy bills low, protects the environment and air quality is improved.  



Factors of Double Glazing windows include 


- Thermal insulation (temperature protection)


- Acoustic insulation (noise reduction and soundproofing)


- Safety and Security 




Our double glazing Sydney team can work with various glass types including:


- Grey Tinted Glass


- Obscure Glass


- Acoustic Glass


- Low E- Glass


- Intergrated Blinds


-Toughened Glass






Grey Tinted Glass


Tinted Glass Types have been darkened to reduce the amount of sun UV Rays that enter your Home.





Obscure Glass (Frosted Glass)


This type is typically used in bathrooms where privacy and light are required. Obsure glass can come in a tougher versions and its thickness is available in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. 





Acoustic Glass


Requirements for acoustic glass are typically met by using thicker glass types. To achieve maximum sound reduction properties, a window can be fitted with a unit of glass where the ouside sheet is 10mm in thickness and the inside sheet is 6mm thick.



Low-E Glass (Low Emissivity)


This Glass type is used to improve the thermal properties of windows. This glass helps retain warmth by allowing long energy wave (heat) through the windows and prevents the  heat from leaving. 



Intergrated Blinds


Intergrated Blinds glazing has a venetian blinds built-in between the two layers of glass. The Blinds are neatly built onto the surface of the glass unit, and are contolled by magnetic sliders. No cleaning is required as they are built in the unit.



Toughened Glass (Safety Glass) 


Toughened glass is used whenever the law is required. All glass types come in toughened variety. The thickness availability for toughened glass is 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.